Details & Statistics

The number of women incarcerated in Iowa  has grown by 425% in 22 years.  There were 134 female prisoners in 1988;  there are 704 in 2010.  The increase is largely due to drug offenses, forgery, and theft.

Prison overcrowding at Iowa Correctional Institution for Women (ICIW)  continues to be a problem.

Capacity Year Number
127 1988 134
443 2010 559

There are 86 women prisoners in the Mt. Pleasant Correctional Facility, where
services are provided for inmates with special needs.

59 women are in the Medical and Classification Center at Oakdale, which is the processing center for those entering prison.

ICIW (Mitchelville Facility) Statistics:

  • Average age of ICIW inmate – 36
  • Average sentence – 15 years
  • Women serving life sentences – 35
  • Most common crime – drug offenses
  • Average reading level – 10th grade
  • Average daily cost per inmate-$86.35
  • 71% serving mandatory minimums
  • 54% have a serious mental illness, many with more than one mental health diagnosis
  • 67% of women prisoners released to community supervision in 2009 were diagnosed as mentally ill

* FIWP appreciates the Iowa Depart of Corrections’ providing the statistics included above.