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There is a positive approach
to addressing crime . .

  • Advocate for statewide humanitarian attitude toward  prisoners in order to support rehabilitation of offenders, most of whom will return to our communities.
  • Advocate for effective re-entry programming.
  • Advocate for increased use of community-based corrections,  especially for women convicted of non-violent offenses.
  • Advocate for responding to the special needs of women in prison and their families.
  • Since women offenders demonstrate a much higher rate of mental illness and substance abuse than men,  advocate for increased treatment for women.
  • Advocate for policies and funding that will result  in a reduction of the number of  women incarcerated in the state of Iowa.
  • Create specific programming and funding to rehabilitate Iowa’s women prisoners and  encourage their successful reintegration into  society.
  • Encourage other groups and individuals to volunteer in corrections and provide programs and projects designed to improve the lives of women while in prison and once released.
  • Encourage hiring of  more female correction officers.